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A little about us

SHELL is an astonishing cybersecurity community of cybersecurity enthusiasts who dream, live and breathe security. Devised by information security geeks, Shell is driven by the idea to dissemination of tech-know of the most recent and validated tools, technologies, and best practices of safeguarding organizational security architecture, data and information. Delivering unparalleled awareness about highly malicious aspect of cyber life, offensive, and preventive security methodologies is the primary agenda of the community.

Creating Quality since 2016

Everything About Cybersecurity

Welcome to a 360 degree security awareness platform

Everything you need to know about cybersecurity, ethical hacking, penetration testing or related areas- you name it, you find every tiny details at Shell.

We endeavour to transform every security aspirant into specialist by dispensing core understanding of cyber security and cyber law awareness through blogs, articles, webinars, events, and resources like tutorials, demonstrations, real experiences, and case studies.

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Connect with Leading Security Experts

Hook up with the largest pool of cybersecurity professionals from worldwide

Networking with the globally recognized talented leaders is one of the primary acumen to be a part of Shell community.

Shell is an intuitive platform brings aspiring security professionals and experienced security tech-experts facilitating knowledge sharing across any corner of the world. Shell members shoulder the incredible roles in responsible disclosure while contributing to bridge global cyber security skill.

Research & Develop Affordable Security Solutions

Explore foolproof techniques for impeccable security solutions development

With edge-to-edge support and guidance from subject matter experts and specialized security gurus, go easy on doing all your groundwork for building dependable security solutions.

Shell is envisioned to enable security engineers, architects, and analysts with extensive research in identifying potentially proven ways to safeguard critical information and data. Now develop fully-functional highly scalable and reliable security solutions with exhaustive research and development.

Enormous Resource Library

Access the most recent information, datasheets, whitepapers, researches

A huge library of resources curated by renowned ethical hackers, pentesters, red teaming and blue teaming specialists, and security analysts helps you gain across-the-board disclosures.

The community members and leaders contribute to bolster security awareness of participants by enlisting their research work, experiences, mentorship write-ups and much more to the focurm’s resource repository. Community members can access these information resources hassle-freely from any corner of the world.

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Our Musings

To empower nation with first-rate cybesrsecurity community rendering utmost cybersecurity awareness by 2023

Our Vision

Shell Events

Cybersecurity-focused Shell community aims to optimize every learning opportunity no matter what the source of knowledge is. We leave no stone unturned to advance security awareness about preventing, assessing, and responding to ever-changing cyber threats.

Led by industry’s acclaimed infosec pros, our hi-tech super-security laced events ensure you stay ahead of the game with far-reaching insights.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shell?

Shell is an open security community, launched by RedTeam Hacker Academy.

What is the vision and mission of Shell?

Shell envisions a larger society, equipped and aware of the soaring number of cyber security threats. Hence, its mission is to expose the threats and vulnerabilities in the cyber space.

What does RedTeam Hacker Academy envision through Shell?

The Academy envisions to lay out efficient awareness and understanding of the cyber security threats, potentials, and the ever-developing world of cyber space.

Explain how Shell works towards training the registered candidates?

Shell puts effort towards producing cyber security experts with 360-degree skills to combat security threats across the internet, cloud and organizations. This is aimed at expanding the horizon of skill and understanding of those interested in cyber security.

How does Shell propose a larger social commitment?

As a beginning, we engage with students and young talents interested in cyber security. Nevertheless, our larger goal is also to reach out to the public towards the final stage— to send the message from our community about the relevance of cyber security awareness. We also train the young talents and make them capable to pursue their careers in the most vibrant cyber security world. Needless to say, the challenges and potentials of today's job market is one of our major concerns.

How does RedTeam Hacker Academy plan to implement shell?

When it comes to the implementation, the academy would train the students —through schools and colleges— cyber security law and protocols, to help them advance their understanding. We plan to eventually reach out to the larger public and spread awareness and spread the message from our community.

What is the nature of Shell’s course of action?

Through fruitful interactive sessions and training programmes, we plan to run the programme for the registered candidates. We aim to spread awareness in cyber security through schools and colleges. Thus, we envisage reaching out to the public towards the final stage— to send the message from our community about this news.

What are some specialties of Shell?

Apart from the training and lectures on cyber security, brainstorming sessions, open platforms for vigorous discussions, open forums, etc are our specialties.

What are some of the researches the academy commits to train the registered candidates with?

Just to cite an example, Shell plans to train the candidates with research that helps to develop “affordable cybersecurity products and solutions" for the public.

How does Shell benefit student community?

Shell gives considerable opportunities for students to interact with cyber security experts and professions. Besides, Shell plans to conduct recurrent conferences and webinars on very interesting and most updated topics related to cyber security.